WHAT is the 3D Globe

The HTML5 globe is an Interactive 3D Globe, running realtime on lightning fast webGl. It will show clickable hotspots on a 3D globe. Its touchenabled and responsive, and runs on almost all modern browsers and devices.

HOW to integrate the 3D Globe

It’s easy to integrate into new or existing projects – due to its jQuery plugin nature, one line of code is enough.
Integrating with wordpress is a breeze thanks to the unique generatortool, that comes free with every license.

WHEN to use the 3D Globe

When ever you want to show specific information related to a place on the earth…
  • Company office locations
  • Client locations
  • Places where your filmcrew have shot footage
  • Cities you have visited – or like to visit in the future
  • Places that lies within a certain search criteria
  • The list goes on, the possibilities are endless